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A. In 1943, when I was 4, my parents moved from Coeur d“Alene, Idaho, to Fairbanks, Alaska, where adventure was never very far away. We arrived in the summer, just in time to enjoy the midnight sun. All that sunlight was fantastic for Mum“s vegetable garden. Working in the garden at midnight tended to throw her timing off, so she didn“t care much about my bedtime. Dad was a Railway Express agent and Mum was his clerk. That left me in a mess. I usually managed to find some trouble to get into. Once I had a little fire going in the dirt basement of a hotel. I had tried to light a barrel(桶) of paint but couldn“t really get a good fire going. The smoke got pretty bad, though, and when I made my exit, a crowd and the police were there to greet me. The policemen took my matches and drove me home. Mum and Dad were occupied in the garden and Dad told the police to keep me, and they did! I had a tour of the prison before Mum rescued me. I hadn“t turned 5 yet. As I entered kindergarten, the serious cold began to set in. Would it surprise you to know that I soon left part of my tongue on a metal handrail at school? As for Leonhard Seppala, famous as a dog sledder(驾雪橇者), I think I knew him well because I was taken for a ride with his white dog team one Sunday. At the time I didn“t realize what a superstar he was, but I do remember the ride well. I was wrapped(包裹) heavily and well sheltered from the freezing and blowing weather. In 1950, we moved back to Coeur d“Alene, but we got one more Alaskan adventure when Leonhard invited us eight years later by paying a visit to Idaho to attend a gathering of former neighbors of Alaska. 1. What can be inferred about the author“s family? A. His father was a cruel man. B. His parents didn“t love him. C. His parents used to be very busy. D. His mother didn“t have any jobs. 2. What happened when the author was 4? A. He learned to smoke. B. He was locked in a basement. C. He was arrested by the police. D. He nearly caused a fire accident. 3. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Leonhard was good at driving dog sleds. B. The author spent his whole childhood in Alaska. C. Leonhard often visited the author“s family after 1950. D. The author suffered a lot while taking the dog sled in Alaska. 4. What is the author“s purpose of writing the text? A. To look back on his childhood with adventures. B. To describe the extreme weather of Alaska. C. To express how much he misses Leonhard. D. To show off his pride in making trouble. 【答案】1. C 2. D 3. A 4. A 【解析】试题分析:本文是一篇记叙文,在文章中作者回忆了自己童年时候发生的一件件的事情,基本都是作者惹得乱子。那时父亲在铁路部门工作,母亲则是父亲手下的一名职员,他们工作忙碌而无瑕顾及作者以至于他有一次点燃了一桶油漆,差点引起火灾,闯下大祸。此外,在文中作者还提到了自己第一次做雪橇的美好回忆。 1. C考查推理判断。根据文章第二段Working in the garden at midnight tended to throw her timing off,和第三段内容Dad was a Railway Express agent and Mom was his clerk. That left me in a mess. 可知在铁路部门工作的父母忙于工作无瑕顾及作者,由此判断作者的父母非常忙碌,选C。 2. D考查细节理解。在文章第三段和第四段作者讲述了自己小时候玩火差点酿成火灾的事情,然后在第四段末尾提到1 hadn“t turned 5 yet.当时我还不到5岁,由此可知当作者四岁的时候他的淘气险些酿成火灾,正确答案为D。 3. A考查细节理解。从文章末段内容可知作者后来搬家了,故 B选项内容错误,而C选项中作者提到Leonhard1950年以后还经常去他家,内容与文章末段提示的信息矛盾,故排除。根据文章第四段As for Leonhard Seppala, famous as a dog sledder和but I do remember the ride well.可知Leonhard Seppala以驾雪橇的高超技术而著名,而且作者第一次的乘坐雪橇也是非常愉快的,故D选项错误,答案选A。 4. A考查主旨大意。文章开头提出自己在四岁的时候,一家人搬到了阿拉斯加,在那里他的冒险生活就开始了,然后在下文中作者回忆了在那里发生的的事情,由此可知本文主要讲述了作者小时候的事情,是作者对童年的回忆,选A。 考点:考查记叙文阅读。 B There have always been a lot of commonly believed but false ideas about being fat and doing exercise. Some people believe that they can“t help putting on weight as they get older, while others hold that if they stop exercising, their muscles will turn into fat. Here are some more myths: I’ll never lose weight—I come from a fat family Wrong! While we can“t change the body type we are born with, we can“t blame our genes for making us fat. There“s plenty of evidence that fatness runs in families, and the main reason is that they share the same habits of eating too much and exercising too little. I am fat because I burn calories slowly Wrong! Fatness is not caused by a slow metabolism(新陈代谢). In fact, although fat people consume more energy than slim people, they also fail to realize how much they eat! Keeping a diary can help you work out your daily food intake more accurately. Exercise is boring Wrong! Anything will become boring if you do it repetitively. The key is to develop a balanced and varied programme that“s fun as well as progressive. If you enjoy a Sunday walk, take a different route. If you do yoga, try a tai chi class. If you like swimming, set yourself a distance or time challenge. No pain, no gain Wrong! Exercise is not meant to hurt. Indeed, pain is your body telling you something“s wrong, and continuing to exercise could lead to serious injury. You may experience mild discomfort as you begin to exercise regularly, but this is your body adapting to the positive changes in your lifestyle and the aches should disappear relatively quickly. If they don“t, rest and seek medical advice. 5. What does the author think about being fat? A. It is the family genes that make people fat. B. People are fat because they consume too little energy. C. A diary of exercise can prevent people from becoming fat. D. It is the consequence of people“s unbalanced lifestyle. 6. According to the author, how can we make exercise more interesting? A. By taking varied exercise. B. By choosing simple exercise. C. By doing regular exercise. D. By sticking to outdoor exercise. 7. What is the purpose of the passage? A. To declare the importance of keeping fit. B. To clarify some misconceptions about fatness and exercise. C. To confirm what has long been believed about keeping fit. D. To explain some medical facts about being fat and doing exercise. 【答案】5. D 6. A 7. B 【解析】本文旨在澄清人们关于肥胖和运动的几个认识上的误区。作者告诉我们:肥胖与遗传无关;肥胖不是因为新陈代谢缓慢;运动可以是有趣的;运动不以疼痛为代价。 5. 推断题。从第二段…the main rea


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